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The Perfect Mom...Dream On, She Doesn't Exist

Posted on August 6th, 2015 @ 3:30 pm in Life by Nicona Raine
The Perfect Mom...Dream On, She Doesn't Exist

Before you have children, you think you are going to get it right as a mom...perfect even. You have all the right advice for every problems you see parents struggling with. Likely, there is a list a mile long of things you say you will never do.

The Moment You Become a Mom, Reality Sets In

The second you become a mom is the second you quit being the perfect mom. When you can’t get your baby to go to sleep or eat right, all those picture perfect dreams start going out the window.

Raising kids shows you exactly how little you actually know about life. All those fixes you had to other parents problems don’t seem to work on your precious angel.

Doing the mundane tasks in life become a major undertaking. You will find yourself a harried mess quicker than you realize is even possible.

Who Wants To Be Perfect?

After raising my boys for a while, I actually wonder why anyone wants to be the perfect mom anyways. There isn’t a “perfect mom” award.

It isn’t going to matter how awesome you are, your kids are going to hate you at some point or another. Then, without warning, they are going to do something incredibly sweet and wonderful. Two seconds later, they will be back to being angry at you.

All Perfect Moms Are Boring Anyways

There are plenty of moms out there that didn’t get the memo that there won’t be any awards for being perfect. These moms are in competition with every other parent on the planet and only succeed at being boring. I bet you have a person that fits this description in your mind.

They are absolute killjoys on the playground and keep their kids from doing anything fun. At their homes, they are complete nazi’s about keeping their kids from messing everything up. What kind of life is the one that has so many rules you can’t crack a smile?

When You Realize The Perfect Mom Doesn’t Exist, You Can Relax A Bit

Once you realize there is no such thing as the perfect mom, you will stop worrying so much about everything. Then you can actually start putting your focus on what really matters in life….chocolate and naps.

The truth is, it isn’t until your kids get older before you have any clue as to how good of a parent you were. One day, your children will tell you what kind of parent you were, but until then, all you can do is the best you can do.

Stop trying to be perfect, because that doesn’t exist. Take a load off and live a little. Spend more time on what is important...making your kids laugh and feel loved.



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