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Simple Steps To Resolving Conflict Within Your Marriage

Posted on March 6th, 2016 @ 6:00 pm in Love, Life by Nicona Raine
Simple Steps To Resolving Conflict Within Your Marriage

No matter how long you have been married, there will always be conflicts that come up. Conflict happens even when you love someone. No two people are going to be the same or have the same view on everything.

What do you do when problems arise? There are some ways that you can get through these struggles without as much resentment.

Keep it Nice
When you are in the middle of a frustrating situation that leads to arguments, keep your words nice. It is so important that you do not call each other names or say things that will hurt their feelings

So often, when you get into a situation where you are hurting, you try to hurt the other person. That doesn’t get you anywhere in the issues of your marriage. In fact, it will only make it more difficult to resolve the problems you are dealing with.

Listen to The Other Person
We spend a lot of time talking and not enough time listening. Even when we stop talking long enough for the other person to respond, we aren’t taking the time to actually listen to what they have to say.

In order to get through the issues you are dealing with, you must do everything you can to understand where your spouse is coming from. Be quiet and listen to them. Ask questions about the way they are feeling. Repeat back what they say to you.

If you do not actually listen to understand, then there is no way you will be able to resolve the issue. When you see where the other person is coming from, whether you agree or not, you can at least have some amount of sympathy.

Say Sorry Without the But
When a fight happens between you and your spouse, both of you will have something that you need to apologize for. Figure out where you are wrong and then tell them you are sorry.

Saying sorry should never be followed by the word “but”. When you say, “I’m sorry, but you….”. That is not a genuine apology. If you really want to work through the problem, then you have to be willing to accept where you are wrong.

Tell The Other Person You Love Them
Once you both communicate your point of view, and talk through the issues you are dealing with, then re-assuring each other of your love is the next step. It can be very hard to know your spouse has been mad at you. Coming back together


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