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Signs You're Settling

Posted on June 21st, 2015 @ 6:00 am in Life by Wendy Palmer
Signs You're Settling

According to the reports, 2/3rd of Americans are very unhappy. You usually settle down for something less when it comes to moving out of bad relationship, starting a business, dying your hair, etc. You should avoid some of these things and not compromise in everything you do. No one should settle for something less in life as we all have the capability to achieve something in life. We should not lose hope in your journey to success.

• You get tired easily
If you have a good sleep of eight hours, you should not get tired at one o’ clock in the afternoon. You should always be enthusiastic about life. You should always try to do something different.

• Keep saying “after”
You keep on delaying to work towards your dreams because of fear of failing. In order to avoid failure, you satisfy your life by doing small things. You should realize that time will never be perfect. You have to make it perfect by acting immediately.

• Stop putting blame on people
Every successful person gets a kick at some point of time in their life. There is always someone to harm you, the government or the economy. If you blame them, you give your power to them. You should avoid indulging in such activities.

• You are not a positive person
All the things that you get into is always hard and worth trying. You should not assume that the hard things are impossible and should keep on saying “I can do” to get a positive energy.

• You spend a lot of time thinking but do nothing
You think a lot about achieving this or that but you don’t take appropriate actions to achieve it. If you think about something very consistently, you should try doing it. So think less and do more.

• You leave some things for “someday”
You keep saying that you will achieve your dream someday. You should kick hard all the difficult things and do them today.

• You don’t get along with successful people
You hate all the people who have achieved something in life. You think them to be greedy or lucky enough to get all comforts of life. This is nothing but an artificial barrier to success.

• You make excuses to settle for something less
You always compromise yourself by making silly excuses and saying that it’s okay. You pretend to be more practical and safer. You may also lose.

• You are jealous
If everyone around you have a better life in terms of happiness, wealth, relationships, etc; you may get pissed off from all the successful people around you.

• Spend your day in a vague manner
You spend your whole day by thinking about food, wine and TV. You don’t try things because you fear of losing. You should set a goal for your life and persevere for that. You should not rest until and unless you reach your goal.

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