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Sex Position Saturday: Splitting Bamboo

Posted on September 19th, 2015 @ 3:00 pm in Love by Keelie Reason
Sex Position Saturday: Splitting Bamboo

Here I am again with another sex positions for Saturday night. I’m always on the lookout for new positions you can get into with your spouse. The one I picked out for today is called Splitting Bamboo.

I think it looks doable, which is one of the criteria I use when choosing a position. There was another one I looked at called the Boston Brute, but no guy can bend that way. It might be a novelty position, but nothing you’ll stay in for more than a minute.

Splitting Bamboo

To do this position, you will start out lying on your back. Lift one leg high enough to reach your man’s shoulder and the other leg you will leave straight. 

Have your man get on his knees and straddle the leg lying on the bed. Put your raised leg on his shoulder.

He will need to penetrate you while he is on his knees. It will help if you raise up your body by rolling up on your side a bit.
Tips For This Position

To make it a little easier on you, consider using a pillow to prop your bottom and lower back with. You will need to be able to lay your shoulders straight, so only put the pillow at your bottom.

This is a great position that will allow your husband to pleasure your nipples and look at you. If you want to have more cliteral stimulation, he can use his hands or a vibrator.

In this position, your leg may get tired from being fully lifted over his shoulder. If you hit fatigue, or it isn’t comfortable, then bring your leg down. Place your foot near your bottom and use your leg to help lift you up if need be.

This sex position will give you a great view of each other while you make love. Some positions make it very hard for you to see what is going on.
You can also switch up the feeling for you by hanging your head off the end of the bed. This will automatically raise your pelvis and cause the angle to feel different. Lifting your back up slightly does great things for the feel of sex.
Hopefully you will enjoy this with your spouse and have a hot and steamy Saturday night.

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