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Reasons Why Fit People Are Happier People

Posted on March 4th, 2016 @ 6:00 pm in Health by Cristina Winters
Reasons Why Fit People Are Happier People

There is a lot of evidence that shows that people who exercise regularly are known to be happy compared to those who doesn’t? Another good reason to keep healthy, isn’t it? There are a lot of evidences that shows that a healthy regime not only keeps the doctor away but also keeps the person happy. Let’s look into how one can exercise to be happy.

Perceptions about happiness

Happiness as we all understand is subjective and each one derives happiness from various life forms and acquisitions. There are evidences that a physical strength can be a great source of happiness as an absence of disease, a great hormonal balance, and reduced stress all leads to a happy you. When one exercises, antibodies are developed that makes the body strong. These exercises also allow developments of self-esteem that leads to confidence and happiness in a person. There is no required level of exercise limit that must be reached, it greatly depends on the body and the person’s personal needs and liking, but when we exercise brain is known to release endorphins that are associated with the feeling of euphoria. The stress releasing activity is undertaken when one exercise, Cortisol that is known to increase anxiety and reduces immunity is burned while a person exercise leading to a stress free body.

Higher productivity and better professional life balance

There have been researches conducted on employees who are in a habit of going out for a work-out before going to the office. The University of Bristol has published a research report that has proved that employees that go to work after a gyming sessions, are more productive during the day and are always seen in a better mood. The publication showed that exercising has a positive impact on physical as well as mental health. This brings us to a great conclusion that someone who has a high productivity during the day is likely to be more beneficial to the organization and more suitable for a promotion. This brings the monetary and work-life balance benefits in picture. The one who is rising high on the corporate ladder will eventually be happier and one of the factors that define happiness which was related to monetary gains is also achieved that explains that it does have hidden benefits.

Keep away from depression

It is known that someone who is depressed cut out on most of the physical activities and then runs into a state of severe depressions and the circle continues. The lack of activity later leads to depression or depression leads to lack of activity is debatable, but one thing that we know for sure is that physical activities can keep away depression and someone who has realized the path is less likely to fall in the pit. It is a vicious cycle and exercise can keep the mind and body away from the thought. This will ultimately lead to a successful fight against the depression or its symptoms.

Exercise is also an instant mood lifter, that is generally realized by many and thus we all have another reason to hit the gym, not for much than just to be happy. 

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