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Plan For A C-Section

Posted on December 1st, 2014 @ 4:02 pm in Family by Keelie Reason
Plan For A C-Section

Do you have a birth plan? I did. It went something like: labor for 20 minutes, grunt real hard, push out the baby in two tries, and look like a supermodel when I’m done. Isn’t that how they do it in the movies?

Plan For a C-Section

When you get pregnant, women will come out of the woodwork to tell you their horror stories of the birth. That is not what I’m here to do today. However, I want you to be prepared for a c-section.

A lot of women get into the delivery room and things do not go as planned. It is best that you are mentally prepared for cesarean in case it becomes necessary. Even if you are not scheduled, it could happen.

Take Lamaze Even if You Are a Scheduled Cesarean

Regardless if you are scheduled or not, it is a good idea to take Lamaze classes. Those classes give you a wealth of information about giving birth. Real live births are nothing like the movies.

My husband and I were mortified when we saw a women give birth to a head of cauliflower. (They called it vernix, but I still stand by the cauliflower theory.)

Another great part to the class is that you learn to breath through the pain. You also learn to focus your mind to keep you from feeling as much pain. It might seem like a waste of time, but you’ll be glad you had the education later on.

What To Expect Before the Surgery

If you were scheduled for the surgery ahead of time, you will be asked to arrive early in the morning the day of. I say they do this to keep you from eating. Who tells a pregnant woman not to eat anything when they first get up and expect them to listen? Yeah me either.

Some women are over achievers when it comes to birthing. They like to go into labour before their scheduled date. This way they get to experience birth pains and recover from surgery.

Should you happen to be in labour before you get into surgery, this is where the Lamaze breathing will come in handy. You will not be given an epidural if you’re having an operation. There is a good chance you’ll get to be in labour for a few hours before you make it into the surgical room.

What Happens During

Unlike a natural birth, you only get one person in the room with you. If you aren’t carrying your husband in there, don’t choose someone that gets queasy at the site of blood. There is going to be a lot of blood

You are wheeled into the operating room where an entire team of people wait to see your naked body. I think they just come up with reasons to parade your body in front of strangers. Did I mention it is cold in there?

The anesthesiologist becomes your new best friend. That special person gets to poke you in the back with a nice long needle. In case you are wondering, it hurts...enough said.

You are laid down on the operating table. Then a large sheet is strung up in front of you and drapes across your chest. What is the sheet for you ask? In case you didn’t know, you are awake during the procedure. Who wants to see their bodies cut open and their precious newborns ripped from their stomach?

Once you are set for the surgery, your family member or friend is brought in. They get a seat directly beside your head. Fortunately for them, the sheet is high enough that they do not see everything if they don’t want to. That is, except for the massive amount of blood being pumped out of your body.

The surgery does not cause you pain. However, you will feel a lot of pressure as the surgical team works to pull your squirmy baby from your womb. Here is another great reason to use your Lamaze breathing and focusing. 

What is it Like After

Just as soon as your baby is born, the nurses will care for your precious little one. They help your baby breath and you will hear the first cries. You get one little peek at your newborn, and they are escorted out to the nursery.

You stay in the operating room to be closed up. After the surgery, you will be sent to recovery for at least an hour. Did I mention it is cold there, too? At least you aren’t naked.

Once you leave recovery, you are taken back to your room where your family and friends were asked to wait.

Then it happens. That moment you’ve been waiting on for half your life. Your sweet newborn baby is brought into the room and placed in your arms.

Remember the Lamaze techniques of focusing your mind to relieve pain? The pain from surgery melts away, at least for those first few minutes. Its just you and your new love.


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