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How To Build A Better Grocery List

Posted on March 1st, 2016 @ 6:00 pm in Food, Life by Keelie Reason
How To Build A Better Grocery List

Have you ever gone to the grocery store and spent several hours shopping? When you get home, do you realize you have forgotten one or more items that you need? It can be frustrating to no end to spend time at the store and have to return the next day to buy things you have forgotten. Before you go to the store next time, build a better grocery store list.

Create a Menu Plan For the Week

It is hard to make a list of what you need from the store if you do not know what you plan to eat in a week. Of course, you have staple items that are always needed. When it comes to meal preparation, you need a specific set of ingredients.

Making a menu plan for the week does not mean you must eat what you planned each day. Just write down the number of meals you plan to eat at home. It does not have to be assigned to a particular day.

Take Inventory of What You Have on Hand

Once you have an idea of what you will cook during the week, you can start your grocery list. Write down all of the ingredients that you need for the recipes. Be sure to see what items you have on hand.

Write down how much of each ingredient you need. If it is an ingredient that is used for other meals, take that into account.

Group Items According to Aisles

Even with a list, items can get missed. Make sections with headings of where you will find the items in the store. For example, put all of the frozen foods together. Dairy can be listed with meats and eggs.

A list that has groups for ingredients is easier to read. It also makes it simpler to add to the list. When you are at the store, you will not aimlessly wander through the aisles scanning your down a long list.

Organize Coupons With the Items

If you use coupons, clip them to the list. It is also helpful to write the word, “coupon” next to the item on your list. If you price match, write that next to the item as well. This will help you feel less stressed when you get to the register.

Keep a List On the Refrigerator

Put a dry erase board or notepad on your refrigerator. When you run out of something, write it down. This will save you time when you are planning a trip to the store. A good portion of what you need is on the board.

You should write down all household items that you need. Everything from cleaning products to beauty supplies can be written on the board. Most often, you forget to buy things that take a while to run out.

Take a Picture Of What You Need

How many times have you forgotten your list at home? I have a habit of doing this all the time. As soon as you are done writing everything down, snap a picture. If you end up at the store without the paper, you have it on your phone as a backup.

These simple tips can help you make it home with everything you need. 

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