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Am I A Tease Or Is He Really Clueless?

Posted on July 14th, 2015 @ 6:00 am in Life by Andra Picincu
Am I A Tease Or Is He Really Clueless?

Do you like someone but have a hard time showing what you feel? Does he even know you exist? Well, you might be the kind of girl who misleads guys without being aware of it. There's a huge difference between flirting and teasing. Maybe you're just teasing the guy you like instead of actually flirting. Examine your behavior to make sure you're not a tease. Try to show your feelings in a different way and see what happens next.

Flirt vs. Tease: What's the Difference?

Flirting and teasing are both methods of seduction. However, teasing someone is like holding out a piece of candy in front of him without being clear about your intentions. Flirting, on the other hand, has a clear goal. When you like a guy, you flirt with him to draw his attention and make him interested in you. Additionally, teasing is quite obvious and may have sexual connotations, while flirting involves subtle signs and body language.

Even though there are major differences between teasing and flirting, most people use these seduction methods the wrong way. If you want to show a guy you like him, forget about teasing. This will only make you look superficial and uncommitted. Learn to flirt and show yourself interested in the man you like. Ask him questions, flirt subtly, and pay attention to his behavior towards you.

How to Get a Guy to Like You

There are a couple of things you can do to get a guy to like you. Most times, it all comes down to simple gestures, such as helping him out with a piece of advice, being a good listener, and encouraging him in areas where he seems insecure about. Compliment him every time he makes an accomplishment. Tell him about his strengths and use words of endearment. Watch your tone and be friendly.

When you like a man, show yourself interested in the thinks he love, whether it's his job, his hobbies, or his favorite TV show. Every guy has stuff that’s meaningful to him, so try to find out more about it. Just being nice won't help. However, avoid being too pushy if he doesn’t seem interested in you. Here are some signs that he's not into you:

• He doesn’t talk with you about personal issues
• He flirts with you....but he flirts with everyone else too
• He's not readily available for you
• It takes him longer than a day to return your calls
• He doesn't respect you
• He talks with you about other girls he likes
• He only wants to see you when he's in trouble

Always remember that you deserve a man who cares about you and treats you with respect. Don’t waste your time with people who make you feel unwanted. If a guy likes you, he will find a way to show it. Your only job is to be yourself and express your interest in him. Do it in a manner that doesn’t scare him off. Flirting, not teasing, is the best way to get a guy to know you like him.

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