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8 Things That Make Guys Melt

Posted on June 11th, 2015 @ 3:30 pm in Love by Adam Scott
8 Things That Make Guys Melt

Every girl wants to know those triggers that make a mans heart melt. Certain unique characteristics that only she posses, that make her special. They might not admit it when it happens, but all guys find certain mannerisms or gestures where they can't help but melt. 

Random, unique noises

Sometimes, girls just make noises or sounds without even knowing it. These are the kinds of cute characteristics that make you fall for them even more. A tiny laugh, a distinctive moan that you know that shes comfortable around you. 

Subtle text messages 

There is nothing better than a thoughtful, mid-day, thinking of you text message that you receive from your love. These random acts of love show how much a girl cares for her man. Not only that, it shows that despite the fact she may not be thinking about you every second, she wants you to know that you cross her mind during the day. 

Making his friends laugh

When girls make their guy friends laugh, it's pretty impressive and a complete turn-on . There is nothing better than having a girl that can not only get along with your friends, but your friends enjoy her company aswell. 

The small things

She may not listen to your every word, but when she brings up a small detail, that you thought for sure she over looked, it's incredible. Because it's all about the small, stupid stuff that make you know that she cares and takes what you say as something important. 

A kiss goodnight

Gentle kisses, especially before bed, leave a passionate, yet subtle, reminder of how much she loves and cares about you. (Even if she thinks that your asleep!)

She cries infront of you

Okay, this is alittle touchy because no guy wants their girlfriend to cry. However, its meaningful when they come to you for comfort when they need it the most. There is nothing more manly than being able to take care of your lady when shes in a vulnerable place. 

Watching her get ready

Every girl has moments when they are getting ready for a special event, where you can't help but be mesmerized by her beauty. There is no doubt that she beautiful without her makeup on, and her hair done. However, when she feels her prettiest, you can see the confidence radiate off her. There is nothing more sexy. 

Long distance relationship

There is nothing more stressful on a relationship than distance. But when a girl is will to drive the distance, shes willing to go the distance. It may only be an hour, but knowing she is putting in the time and effort to make it work is reassuring that this relationship is in it for the long haul. 

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