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7 Things You Learn Your First Year of Marriage

Posted on March 8th, 2016 @ 6:00 pm in Family by Keelie Reason
7 Things You Learn Your First Year of Marriage

I have been married for almost 13 years. Before I got married, my husband and I dated for 5 ½ years. Let me tell you something, dating life is nothing like being married.

We knew each other pretty well, but there were things that we learned our first year of marriage that I didn’t expect.

1. Sex is Messy

How in the world did I miss this one? Sex is actually messy. Stuff comes out when you are done being intimate. Who knew? No one ever seems to have to clean themselves up in the movies or on television.

2. Sharing a Bed is Hard

I am a very light sleeper and my husband likes to roll himself up in the blankets. I had a hard time adjusting to have someone take the blankets off of me at night and move around. Some nights, I still don’t know how to sleep next to him.

3. Opposites Make For Difficult Living Situation

My husband and I are complete opposites. It can make for a difficult living situation when you both have a different idea of how your morning, day, and night should go. We have had to come a long way in this.

4. Roles Must Be Handed Out

Prior to getting married, I never lived on my own. My husband had lived in dorm rooms, and that is not the same as living out on your own. We had to divide up the chores, because there was only two of us, but everything had to get done.

5. You Both Have Different Styles

Together, you have to decide how you will decorate your home, do the dishes, cook food, or whatever. Both of have to work together to make your ways of doing things mesh. It doesn’t come naturally.

6. Sharing a Room is Hard

I never had to share a room. My husband hadn’t shared a room in a long time. It was an adjustment figuring out how the other likes to keep the room.

7. Holidays Must Be Worked Out in Advance

When you are used to being at your family’s house every single holiday, it can be hard to have to split the focus. Before the holiday hits, you and your spouse must determine where you will go and then inform the family. These are tough decisions that have to be made.

I really enjoyed my first year of marriage and most years following it. I did learn a lot that first year though.

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