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6 Workout Mistakes All Newbies Make

Posted on February 13th, 2015 @ 6:15 pm in Health by Shape Mind Soul Staff
6 Workout Mistakes All Newbies Make

Are you ready to start working out? Do you want quick results? If so, make sure you avoid the most common workout mistakes. Simple things, such as using bad form, spending too much time in the gym, and doing the same exercises every day, can ruin your progress. Although you can't avoid these mistakes completely, it's important to stay informed and learn along the way. 

Let's take a look at the most common workout mistakes all newbies make:

Spending Too Much Time in the Gym

Most newbies expect quick results, so they spend hours in the gym. Unless you're training for a competition or a marathon, you shouldn't exercise for more than 60-80 minutes a day. The most effective workout plans are often the shortest. For example, a typical HIIT session doesn't last more than 15-20 minutes. If you want results, plan your workouts in advance and spend your time wisely. 

Thinking Cardio Is Enough

Go to any gym and you'll see a crowd of people running on the treadmill for hours. Many beginners, especially those who are overweight, do too much cardio and skip weight training. This is a huge mistake. The more cardio you do, the slower your metabolism. Strength training helps build muscle, which raises metabolic rate and burns calories. If you have a few extra pounds, mix cardio with weight training. 

Setting Unrealistic Goals

Before you can run, you need to start walking. Whether you want to lose weight or get bigger, set realistic goals. While it's not impossible to lose 10 pounds a week, it does require a lot of effort and hard work. Losing three or four pounds in seven days is a better goal. Be kind to your body and don’t push yourself too hard. Unrealistic goals are a setup for failure. 

Not Tracking Your Workouts

Newbies rarely take notes. Most of them are unaware that keeping a workout log is often the key to success. It's important to write down what exercises you do, how many reps and sets you perform, how much weight you lift, and how you feel afterwards. A workout log can help you identify any mistakes in your training routine, and get better results. 

Using Bad Form

Most beginners use bad form when working out. They either don’t know how to perform an exercise, or try to lift weights that are too heavy. Using improper form can cause injuries, joint pain, muscle imbalances, and soreness. It will also affect your results and stop you from achieving your goals. If you need help, ask a fitness trainer to show you how to use the equipment or do certain exercises. 

Following a One-Size-Fits-All Exercise Plan

Fitness magazines feature diet and workout plans used by famous athletes. Many newbies see these plans and try to do everything by the book. Yet, they have little or no results. The training programs featured in magazines may not be the best plan for your body. There is no one-size-fits-all workout plan. You need to figure out what your weaknesses are and how your body responds to exercise. Try different moves and rep ranges, adjust your diet, and track your progress.

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