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3 Ways To NOT Ask Your Husband For Sex

Posted on July 12th, 2015 @ 4:00 pm in Love by Keelie Reason
3 Ways To NOT Ask Your Husband For Sex

Regardless of your sex drive, there will be days when you are in the mood and want to tell your husband. Here are some tips to help you get your point across efficiently. In my experience, I’ve tried a lot of things that didn’t get my point across and only one thing that has. Here are my recommendations.

You Shouldn’t Put The Kids To Bed Early And Then Wait For Him To Approach You

I know, the first thing you think about when you put the kids to bed early, is what can you do with all of your freetime. If you are in the mood, it seems like the perfect time to get started so you can call it an early night.

Simply putting your kids to bed is not going to be enough for him to get the hint. He will likely just think he has more time to work on a project before sitting down in front of the television.

If you are looking for some loving, you are going to have to do better than this when hinting at sex.

You Shouldn’t Stand Between Him and The Television in Hopes He’ll Jump You

This is probably one of the worst ways to hit on your guys. If he is watching television, he isn’t going to understand why you are getting between him and his show.

In your mind, you think he’ll realize he is about to get lucky and cut off the tv in haste. What really happens is that he tries to look around you and eventually gets upset. Not the kind of response you need when trying to get laid.

You Shouldn’t Put on a Somewhat Sexy Outfit And Expect Him to Get The Hint

You might be getting pretty close with this one. He might get the hint if you put on the right outfit for him. If it is not obvious lingerie, then your chances go way down.

It seems like he should be all over you if you take the time to look sexy. The thing about that is he always thinks you look sexy and has to restrain himself every day. Why should you putting on a slightly risque’ outfit cause him to think he has the green light?

You Should Just Come Right Out And Ask

Women are notorious for trying to beat around the bush to get what they want. I’ll just go ahead and let you in on a little secret...guys don’t get it.

If you need your man to rock your world, you need to come right out and tell him. Use your words followed by a few kisses. I promise he’ll get it.

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