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11 Things That Middle Aged Women Should Stop Doing

Posted on November 11th, 2015 @ 6:00 am in Life by Jennifer Segal
11 Things That Middle Aged Women Should Stop Doing

Age may be only in the numbers but the body knows how many New Years have passed by. Life goes by from one stage to the other and you are there clinging on to the poles refusing to change and let the newer experiences take shape. Moreover there are things that you should stop doing in the middle ages that you were doing in your twenties.

1. Comparing yourself to younger/other women.

I know; telling women to stop comparison with other women is like drawing water with a bottomless bucket. At least you middle aged women can stop comparing yourself incessantly to that girl in the twenties. Once you accept that you have gracefully aged and beautiful by the yardsticks of your own age group then you will enjoy life more easily.

2. Revealing dresses has to go

You may still want to fit into those skimpy clothes but listen; you are a mature women now; not an edgy teen. Your style should be classy not sleazy. It’s time to dress appropriately.

3. Wearing too much make-up

Oh! It’s scary to see you pushing at fifties with that heavy foundation, bright eye shadow, mascara and blood red lipstick. It’s time to be the natural you and the less is better adage is the one that works here.

4. Not sleeping enough

Now is the time to sleep enough and relax, given the health benefits of 8-9hrs of sleep. A sleeping beauty in the middle ages can keep away the big bags under her eyes, brighten that sulky face and feel more energy to go hike a mountain.

5. Giving up on exercises

You may think, now that you have no one to impress with your looks, this is the best time to give up on that exercise, but I tell you, this is the precise moment to keep going for a bunch of health reasons. No, don’t try to do 100 squats. Your body is not the same when you were twenty; accept that. Have a routine that don’t stress too much on your joints, like a walk or jogging.

6. Binging on processed food

It’s time to stop altogether on processed foods. They come with all the artificial ingredients that may entice your tongue but it’s utterly useless to your body. You should now be going natural and perhaps on detox regime so that your already aging liver and kidneys are less strained.

7. Going extinct on latest tech

Technology changes in the blink of an eye and when you refuse to update with it you will look like an extinct species. Not only that updating on the tech will make your life easier and today’s world is becoming more and more techno centric.

8. Taking selfies

Ya! There is no problem in taking selfies but don’t go overboard with it like you were in your heyday.

9. Going to the bars

You are now mature enough to know that it is the place of reckless youth smoking and binging on alcohol with abandon. Occasional drinks are okay and you would be wise enough to select a pub for the middle ages.

10. Comparing sex lives

For god’s sake don’t compare your sex lives with anyone else. When you are 50 the hormone production slows down and you won’t get the same satisfaction you got when young; accept that, but brain is the biggest organ for that; use it well.

11. Terrified of being alone

There is no greater mistake than to jump into a relationship for fear of being alone. Being in a toxic relationship is far worse than being alone. If you are alone don’t freak out; life eventually will fix you with someone to spend the rest of your days.

So accept your age and your body; look forward to newer experiences and don’t let others influence you into the glory of lost years.

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